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MPG Investment Offering

The Major Projects Group (MPG), is dedicated to offering its strategic partners unique alternative investment opportunities that maximises growth, and with it, exceptional returns. MPG is looking for qualified investors to participate in the monetisation of pre-approved financial instruments within its Sink Fund Partnership Program (SFPP). 


The investors must be qualified in that they are UHNW individuals or corporates that understand the process and risks associated with alternative investment strategies. MPG will enter into a legally binding contract with the investor to underwrite a return equivalent to a 10 x multiplier ratio on a fixed transaction deposit of $500k. This will equate to a ROI of $5m, paid to the investor, within 90 days as part of the contingency of the raised project funds. 

Selection for this transaction is through invitation only as this is not offered to the open market as an investment. You must be able to demonstrate proof of funds at the outset and, subject to approval, be ready, willing, and able to transfer the transaction deposit within 5 banking days from signing of the investment agreement. 

If you have the means, and qualify as an investor, then why not send an enquiry email to to get more information about our SFPP offering and set up a conference call to discuss the details. 

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