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Dr Walker is Group Chairman of the Major Projects Group , an international investment and strategic management company specialising in social infrastructure, and alternative energy major projects around the world.


Our vision is to lead where we can and to make a difference where we can't. Globally we've served many great causes including lifestyle estates, social housing programs, healthcare facilities, and alternative energy projects.

Prior to going into practice, Dr Walker held many senior executive positions at such prestigious companies as AECOM, ARUP, MACE, RAILTRACK (NETWORK RAIL), and BOVIS (LEND LEASE).


He has advised international governments, owners, and developers in strategic management, and led many 'mega' projects such as: 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup; Gautrain High Speed Rail Link; London 2012 Olympics; Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1); Thameslink 2000; British Energy & Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels PIP; Heathrow Express Rail Link; Baku Multi-Purpose Development, to name but a few.

Dr Walker is a renowned expert in mega projects. He continues to publish books and articles in leading international academic journals and has been associated with several international universities over the years, designing and teaching master programs in strategic management on 'mega' projects. 


A Leading Authority in 'Mega' Projects

Dr Gary Walker
Founding Professor & Academy Director

CPD Executive Program
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Strategic Management of Major Projects

Originally designed in partnership with the Heriot Watt University, Dubai, this unique online Executive Leadership program, run by the Major Projects Academy, is geared towards client organisations that are responsible and accountable for mega projects. Its key aim is to challenge the thinking and develop your knowledge to make you become more efficient and effective as a major project sponsor in the strategic planning, program development and project implementation of mega infrastructure projects around the world. 

Course Fee: €5,000 (0% Payment Plan Available)

Modules: 10 plus assignments and exam

Duration: 10 Weeks

Mode: Online plus 1:1 tuition

Award: Accredited Executive Certificate

Reference Course book ....FREE when
you Enrol into the Executive CPD Course
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