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The Major Projects Group (MPG) is a wholly owned partnership, that connects globally to every part of the world through its network of strategic partners and associates. Our organisation is centered around sharing the opportunities and enhancing the planet. We firmly believe that you can create an environment where everybody wins, including mother nature.  

So, our vision is simple:


To only invest where we think we can make a 'real' difference and only then when we can achieve the triple bottom line of social, economic, and environmental success.



MPG are experts in the global strategic management of major projects. This includes raising capital as project sponsors to providing client management services as a means to protecting our investment and funding your major project.  


The Sink Fund Partnership Program (SFPP) offers two routes to the project owner.

  • We convert up to 50% debt to equity, with no interest, and 5-year exit post completion to reduce your payback burden; or

  • We provide 100%, discounted liquidity, with no equity and capped interest, and an amortised repayment plan.

Both have a seven year repayment tenures with up to 1-year moratorium and depending what option you chose, the disbursement will be issued under monthly tranches over a 1 - 3 year period.

MPG offers its selected clients a number of unique investment routes under our SFPP to fund your major project. They include a cash based option; a securities based option; and a financial guarantee option. 

Cash Based Option where you provide a cash deposit as security, which is refundable after 1 year. We then provide 10 x equivalent to 100% of the required project funding over a one year period. This is repaid under a non-recourse loan over a fixed seven year tenure. No interest is paid. You just payback what you retain as equity in the project. 


Securities Based Option where you provide your 'owned' fully cash-backed bank financial instrument (BG/SBLC) as security, which is refundable. We then provide 10 x equivalent to 100% of the required project funding over a two year period. This is repaid under a non-recourse loan over a fixed seven year tenure. No interest is paid. You just payback what you retain as equity in the project.   


Financial Guarantee Option where we provide the financial guarantee through a bank financial instrument. We then monetise and provide 10 x equivalent to 100% of the required project funding over a three year period. This is repaid under a non-recourse loan over a seven year fixed tenure. No interest is paid. You just payback what you retain as equity. 

All our equity is offered back to the client under a 5-Year Exit strategy at 'Red Book' market value to ensure that they have the option to retain 100% of the project assets






MPG can offer private investors access to proven trade programs through our international trading group partners in the UK, Europe, US, and Asia., These trading programs are exclusive to MPG, and by invitation only. They offer the very best deals to private Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) investors to significantly grow their capital wealth and fund their humanitarian projects. All investors have to be highly recommended and vetted, before being invited into a trade program that is right for them. Once approved, they will deal direct with the nominated trade group and only when satisfied, they will enter into a trade contract. MPG will manage the whole process and act as the trade program facilitator on behalf of the trading group. For this the investor will sign a fee agreement with MPG in advance of the file being submitted for approval. All proceeds from the weekly/monthly trade will be paid through an independent paymaster, nominated by the trade group.



MPG has access to many specialist monetisation companies around the world that can provide capital on a recourse/non-recourse basis. Qualifying assets vary from precious metals, to fine art, bank instruments, to rated paper. In fact, anything that has a tangible asset value will be considered. We also offer a monetisation-to-trade route for our approved clients who want to maximise their investment. Depending upon the asset, we can offer very competitive Loan To Value (LTV) rates with the added advantage that we can put the LTV directly into an approved trade program to hugely increase your returns on investment. 



MPG can also provide  a variety of top international bank leased and owned financial instruments, such as StandBy Letters Credit (SBLC); Bank Guarantees (BG) and Financial Guarantee Insurance Policies (FGIP). The added advantage of MPG providing such financial instruments is that again, our approved clients can use the LTV proceeds and go directly into one of our trading programs under one trading group. This eliminates the risk and need to find a separate, reputable financial instrument provider as we have everything under one roof. 

Why not go to our 'contact page' and send us an email requesting more details and we will be glad to tell you more.......



Dr Gary is Founder, Group Partner, Chairman & CEO of the Major Projects Group. He is directly responsible for the projects portfolio, including, funding. turnkey development and advisory. Dr Gary is an expert in major projects  and held several executive leadership positions in some of the worlds leading civil infrastructure and built environment firms in the world. His main focus is on emerging markets and sustainable investments. 


Paul is Group Partner& Managing Director of the Major Projects Group. He is directly responsible for our investment portfolio, including trading, monetisation, and financial instruments. Paul has worked across a number of industry sectors and geographies, notably UK & Europe, Middle East, and AustralAsia. His main focus is on capital trading, monetisation, and financial banking instruments. 


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Dr Gary Walker,

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Paul Robins,

Group Partner

Managing Director

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